Be careful about your flatmates' bahaviour

Be careful about your flatmates' bahaviour

Recently a client of ours discovered that her three flatmates did not pay the last three months of rent using, implicitly their security deposit initial payment to settle those last payments. Their decision made her loose almost 1000 EUR due to the fact that the security deposit does not include the building charges, so for the last three months our clients was basically the only one who was charged these amounts.

The owner of course charged these remaining debt from the existing security deposit that was basically hers, allowing the other three to leave with no penalty.

This event stressed for us the fact that when we rent big flats to group of students with a "in solido" agreement, that is each tenant is resposnible for the whole flat and economic obligations together with the others, we should always remind the tenants to watch out for each other behaviour.

- if John, just to make an example, breaks something, the owner will keep the value of the broken object from the shared pool of security deposit: it's better to tell John to buy it brand new as soon as he can or at least infor the owner about what hapened to settle the thing before the group of tenants exit

- if John leaves with Mary and Isabel, and those two flatmates are not paying the last 3-4 months or rent, the owner will keep their deposit but, in addition to it, will also keep part of the totatlity of deposit wired by John who correctly paid the rent till the last day of his stay

- in general a bad bahaviour of a single flatmate is read by the owner as a bad behaviour of the entire group, so please watch out for party animals or friends playing the drums at midnight

The suggestion we decided to spread around to our clients, due to the recent event is the following: when you decide, with your flatmates, to leave an apartment, the best thing is to ask the owner to check the regularity of payments of everybody, asking him the favour to inform the group if someone misses a monthly payment.

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