Italian Real Estate Portals

Italian Real Estate Portals

When you start you flat hunt in Milan, you are flooded with websites, apparently presenting many interesting opportunities for rent.

Well, the majority of what you is just... crap!

There's plenty of would be real estate portals that are simply copy and pasting the real estate ads of the major ones, non updating them when the house is sold or rented out. It could be that you are looking for a place to stay starting in September, as the majority of students do, and the website shows you all the flats avaialble in the months before, all flats that of course are already rented out for the date you need. Just an useless waste of your time.

Here is our suggestion:

1 - Speak with friends and have a look at social networks, it's easy to find groups and Business Pages that are active in the specific niche of location or school you are specifically looking at

2- When it comes to fully fledged real estate portals, in Italy - and in Milan in particular -  only three of them could hope to bring you any real value, the first being far superior then the following two combined:


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