One Year Contracts for students

One Year Contracts for students

College yera usually go from September to June or eventually one week into July, this implies that if you are stayin one year studying in Milan you are not going to need for sure to stay and pay for the month of August and probably neither for the month of July.

This thinking brings many students to look for a place where a tenant will be able to leave the place with no further obligation after only  10 months, the search will be hard if not impossible, and we explain you why.

The real estate agent taking care of lettings of a specific owner does his best to maximize the percentual yield of the real estate property he was given, this means he will never accept a dela for only 12 months knowing that there will be no new students the year afterwards taking the place from July. Usually "normal agency" are not into the short term business, that could create value managing the flat tduring the summer giving it out to turists coming to Milan, the two businesses are quite detatched in our city.

There are only two ways to go according to us: the first accepts the 12 months minimum contract and eventually exploit the month of August for a family holiday in Italy, the second offers an higher rent to the owner partially compensating the potential "loss" of July and August allowing you to leave at the end of June. Beware of private owners, they often accept what you ask for but in June, when they realize you are leaving and the flat is going to stay empty for a while not producing money, they end up sizing up your security deposit coming up with fictitious damages to the flat compensating the money they are not going to get as you are leaving.

A third option considered by many currently, that is looking on AirBNB and similar online platforms, makes little sense as the prices per month there are at least 40%  higher than long term rates.

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