Long term rent does not imply a "serviced apartments" service

Long term rent does not imply a

In the last few days we run from building to building around Milan delivering the flats we rented out in the last months to their new tenants, some of them saw the properties only on watsapp as, due to covid, many visits were only virtual not being able to travel.

A significant percentage of flats, we would say 20%, presented minor issues, as many landlords intellegently exploited this period to renovate, or "refresh" their properties, a little bit. The problems will be solved in one or two weeks maximum and this is nothing new, but what sparkled our interest in writing this post is the attitude that many tenants held towards how the owner dealt with these little issues.

For minor issues we mean a problem that does not limit in a significant way the usability of the flat itself, for example: if the fridge is not working you basically do not have the kitchen and so you have to spend restaurant money on a daily basis, but if the hoven is not working, well, that's definetly no big deal and you can wait few days to get it repaired.

Taking a flat long term in Milan, but I believe this is valid all over the world, means dealing with a landlord who can have tens of flats but also, potentially, that one only, a landlord who maybe lives thousands of kilometers from Milan who needs to arrange the repairment of what needs to be fixed in remote, asking your assistance to open and close the door when the workers have finished their job.

We realized a lot of people are expecting a sort of "concierge service", thus the image we chose for the post, a person "on call" who is going to fix whatever is needed in time zero and without the tenants' involvement at all, well that's not the case.

If you take a long term rent, with the price of a long term rent, that is much lower than a serviced flat, you need to be flexible and eventually dedicate one or two hours of your time supporting the workers who are called to come and fix things in your place. A minimal percentage of owenrs have the luxury of having an employee taking care of these duties and even if they have him, his time must be devoted to 50-100 apartments, so you have to wait for your slot.

Renting a flat for long term implies having a landlord ready to deal with eventual problems the flat may have, but does not imply having a concierge service "on call" for whatever minor issue might arise. If you want to get this kind of service, that we usually get with AirBNB flats when we travel, you pay for it but this could mean spending 40-70% more than the long term prices.


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