Porta Venezia, strengths and weaknesses

Porta Venezia, strengths and weaknesses

Porta Venezia is the area of the city center around the Metro station of Porta Venezia, red line, also useful to catch the zillions of Passanti Ferriviari (Trains) passing through it.

Porta Venezia is definitely an evergreen of the ares of the city center that we suggest to people moving to Milan to live for a short and long period of their lives. It's, first of all, extremley central, being just few minutes walk from the city center of Piazza San Babila, reachable without any hassle on foot. It's on the red line, the busiest but also the most convenient metro line of the city center.

The area has sort of experienced a division in the last 15 years, coming from the city center, that is the superposh Corso Venezia, we now meet two Porta Venezias: on the left we find the international and multietnic Via Panfilo Castaldi, Via Lecco and Viale Tunisia, on the right the more elegant Via Melzo, the Diana Majestic Hotel and the quiet and green Via Morgagni. Prices of real estate within the area vary wildly depending on different factors: left or right as we said about, the specific street, the presence of a noisy bar nextby, the quality of the building mainly dependent on it age, and the quality internally of the aprtment we look at.

For someone living in Milan and not needing to live with a car and sing it everyday, Porta Veneiza is extremely convenient: everywhere is near and easily reachable. Prices of medium level real estate for rent is decent, in line with Bocconi area, just to give an idea of valuation, and much cheaper than Brera, that considering the city center stays at the same exact distance. The area is plenty of supermarkets, we were recently calculating that is hard to find a spot that does not have at least three supermarkets in the immediate surroundings to choose from.

Porta Venezia is also known to be the "gay district" of Milan, the LGBT community has in this area its bars and pubs. Usually the LGBT community is the best to spot the areas of strongest growth of a particular city. Porta Venezia is currently considered very trendy and cool by tourists.


There are also a couple of weaknesses of the area that we feel obliged to mention, the first being the fact that, especially on the left side of Panfilo Castaldi and streets nearby, real estate quality is very poor. Historical buildings are not maintained properly, almost all of them need a significant renovation and to be freshen up ... to say the least. One must look at the location and certainly not to the elegance of the place.

Another weakness that more and more clients reported us in the last 3-4 years, always on the left hand side, is the big noise that the great masses of people chatting out of bars and pubs are making for a good part of the night. Being at a low floor has become unbearable, this is something that must be taken into consideration when choosing a flat in this area.


Feel free to share with us your thoughts about Porta Venezia, we are always available to discuss: info@housingmilan.com

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