If you are planning to come to Milan, it's better to learn a little bit of Italian

If you are planning to come to Milan, it's better to learn a little bit of Italian

The most attractive international metropolies today attract the best global talent either being in an English speaking country or giving the possibility to people willing to move in not to learn at all the local language.

Personal experience: in 2002 I moved to Zurich to work in finance and I knew nothing at all either of Germa or French. Speaking a good English was more than enough at work, where English had been the coprorate language for at least 10 years then, and was more than enough to deal with all the daily chores of living in a foreign country.

Milan is not there yet.

Professionals are hired here only if they happen to be fluent in Italian too, it's almost impossible, unless you are in a super technical role, to be hired by a company in Milan not being aable to speak a word o Italian.

Universities are a step forward on this way, you can attend English only courses, not knowing Italian, interacting with your professors and fellos students only in English BUT you will be able to do very little outside the university campus: nobody speaks Englssh.

In public offices I'm always speechless about the fact that the employees staying at the front office do not have any language abilities, when you are not able to understand them, they just happen to raise their voices ... very italian but of little use for the persone willing to solve an issue in a clear and fast way.

The only solution we can think of is the following: learn at least the basics of the laguage while you are still in your country, leverage if you want the online learning apps like duolingo but definitely come to Milan having a good grasp of the language to survive! 

Please, feel free to share with us your language nightmares and experiences in Milan, sending us emails to: info@housingmilan.com

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