Milan Garbage rules ... solved with an APP !

Milan Garbage rules ... solved with an APP !

When we deliver the keys of a flat, the landlord asks us always to dedicate at least 15 minutes to explain to the new tenant how the garbage works in Milan. Being able to differentiate between plastic and glass, paper and normal garbage is of paramount importance not to have fines at the building level.

While deciding where to throw away a used newspaper or a glass bottle of milk is simple, this decision is less obvious when you have in your hands a product made of different materials, that needs to be dismembered in order to be thrown away correctly.

Now you have an app helping you to do that: Junker, whose website is

We have been using the app for several week now and we can say it works very well, and it's super easy. You just install it in your smartphone, pont the phone at the barcode of the product you have in your hands and almost immdiately you are given a list of the garbage bins to use to throw away the different pieces of the object you hold.

Try it out, garbage rules probles ... solved!   

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