Do not call a real estate agency in Milan for short term needs

 Do not call a real estate agency in Milan for short term needs

We, and many other professionals in Milan, receive many calls from people needing a flat for a few weeks or few months and referring to long term rent listings on our website.

We take the opportunity of this post to explain why this is time wasted and even if you find somebody allowing to take you a flat short term this is something that should be avoided.

As we said in another post, the only legally robust contract is Milan is the long term one, this means that unless you are in a AirBNB flat, you are in a situation borderline with legal rules. Other than that, the prices applied for short term are definitely higher that long term, the owner is setting up a contract for a few months, paying taxes and eventually missing out on long term deals that could arrive… just to give you a rough estimate we would say that you would be able to shell out 30% more of the rent posted in order to attract the interest of an owner of a short term rent.

Last but not least, there’s the agency, usually charging 10% of the net yearly rent, an amount that would be exaggerate for a few months stay, prepare to negotiate with them too … here too just to give you rough estimates: from half monthly rent to a full month rent.

When you need a flat for less that six months the best thing is to look on AirBNB an calling the companies managing flats short term, much easier and with no surprises along the way.

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