Bocconi Area, pros and cons

Bocconi Area, pros and cons

Talking about the Bocconi Area, we need to start talking about what gives the name to this southern part of the city center of Milan, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

Once known only in Italy to be the top economics school of the country, Bocconi is now amongst the best Universities of the world and for sure at the top ranking places in Europe. It's more than 10 years that we witness a huge flow of international students coming every year from the most different places on earth to join the Bocconi world. Bocconi enlarged herself too, if we consider that once it was only a building for classrooms, the library and a "pensionato" a dorm for economically challged students, it now takes almost two entire blocks, consisting of tens of buildings and currently developing the biggest project so far that is the redevelopment of the "Centrale del Latte" that will bring Bocconi to touch the outer avenue circling around Milan.

All the areas of Milan we will talk about do not have precise borders, you just feel that a specific spot is in Brera, for example, and the corner afterwards is not. The Bocconi area follows the same rules, we consider to be the Bocconi area the part of the city contained, to the north by Crocetta, to the east by Piazzale Lodi, to the south by Circonvallazione esterna or a little more than that (Via Verro, Via Fontanili ...) and to the west by Porta Genova and Navigli.

The Bocconi area has the historical weakness of not having metro station within but just at its borders, being them: Porta Romana - yellow line - and Porta Genova - green line. The ideal apartment to rent to attend Bocconi University has to be waliking distance from the Campus and thus must be located 500m from it, so it does not have a metro station close by.

The Bocconi Area changed dramatically with the increase, year after year, of the flow of students coming to attend the University. More and more restaurants and bar and shops were created to fulfill the needs of people coming from abroad, eating very seldom at home and basically needing to buy loads of stuff. 

The Porta Romana area and the Navigli area are definitely the more flexible within this large chunck of the city centre because those areas are not limited to students, are higher quality in terms of real estate, the have more connections, in addition of having the metro, and they are in general considered very trendy and cool. Viale Bligny, the closest street to the Bocconi Campus is full of life and maybe a little bit too noisy at night, but definitely a great place to be and spend the college years. The small streets below Viale Bligny, like Via Balbo and Via Bellezza are very close to the campus, extremely quiet and elegant, here it's a problem to find good housing at decent prices.

We personally consider the Bocconi area to be the new "Città Studi" of the city centre, in the coming years the biggest studet housing projects will be brought to life in this area, the two biggest of which will be the one in the former "Consorzio Agrario" on the corner between Viale Isonzo and Via Ripamonti and the one developed by Hines, that costed 90 MLN EUR, along Via Giovenale. Real Estate valuations are through the roof and buying a decent piece of real estate in the area is almost impossible. Another sub area we suggest to our clients is the terminal part of Corso Italia, and Via Teulie, extremely well connected to the city center, very elegant and with high quality real estate.

Let us know what do you thing about the Bocconi Area, the pors and cons you see, we will share your views with our readers! 

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