How you should behave in Milan

How you should behave in Milan

Most people do not know that the great majority of buildings in Milan do not have a specific table of rules but simply refer to the general “tenants rules” of the city of Milan. We will basically translate point by point this two pages doc, in order to clarify its content. We suggest, to avoid any potential doubt, to ask for the building rules prior to signing the rental contract.


The document is called “Regolamento Generale per gli inquilini della Provincia di Milano”


  • Art.1: The property must be used only for the purpose indicated in the rental contract. Once the renatls contract comes to an end, the property has to be delivered to the owner within 14:00 of the last day of the contract.

  • Art. 2: Tenants must keep clean the shared spaces of the building and entertain a friendly relationship with their neighbours.

  • Art. 3: The owner must be able to access the property also when the tenant is not present, the tenant has to indicate a person of trust holding the flat keys when they are not in Milan.

  • Art. 4: Gas and electricity are managed by the tenant, the owner cannot be held responsible for interruptions of the service.

  • Art. 5: The flat must be occupied only by the people explicitly listed in the rental contract.

  • Art. 6: It's not allowed, if not explicitly permitted by the landlord:

    • to keep pets (this is not valid anymore, now a tenant has the right to keep his own pets at home even if the building rules forbid it)

    • to make a business that is not written, explicitly, in the rental contract

    • to install heavy things, like steel safes, in the flat

    • to make parties or noisy activities

    • to put signs outside of the building or to put flowers with heavy vases that could be dangerouos for people walking along the street

    • to play toonoisy instruments


      Art. 7 : It's forbidden to tenants:

    • to deposit inflammable material at home;

    • to clean rugs outside of their windows outside of the time range between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning

    • to leave the entrance door open longer than actually needed to get in and out

    • to place stuff in the courtyard, on the stairs or in front of their doors so to create problems to other inhabitants passing by

    • to leave the main entrance door opened between 21:00 and 8:00 o'clock in the morning

    • to throw garbage in the garden, courtyard or on the roofs of neighbouring buildings

    • to throw stuff in the wc potentially blocking the evacuation tube causing serious issues to other flats as well

    • to keep garbage in front of the own door

    • to make noise, play music or move furniture around during night time

    • to install antennas on the balcony or near the flat entrance when the building has a centralized antenna system available

    • enter the building with a vehicle, without a prior written authorization of the owner


Art.8 : the tenant has to follow the indications and orders received from the doorman, that must be considered in this case as an official agent of the owner


Art.9 : When the flat is located within a condominium, the tenant has to:

  • allow the building manager or one of his agent to get in the flat anytime
  •  respect all the new rules decided by the building board
  • follow the building rules



Hope this helps to understand what can and cannot, generally, be done in a flat for rent in Milan.


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