Better to have clear your needs first

Better to have clear your needs first

Real estate agents are known to be professional characterized by great patience, but even the biggest patience has a limit.

When you arrive in Milan and go hunting for a flat with an agent without a clear view of what you are really looking for and what you need,  you risk to be tagged as a "time waster" and not cosidered when a flat perfectly matching your desiderata comes around.

We strongly suiggest to jot down a list of the things you need, in order of importance:

- location (where do you wish to live, in which area, or at least where do you study and work and what is the max commuting time you are willing to accept)

- number of rooms (remember to specify the number of bedrooms as realtors consider the living room a room too)

- monthly budget, considering condo expenses

With these three parameters clear in ind you will not be considered a waste of time if you happen to dislike a particular furniture or building, the realtor who's taking care of you will use the flats you do not like to better address the properties that you most likely fall in love with.


Milan is pleanty of flats out for rent, but only few of them are really good, don't waste time looking for something that does not fuilfill your most fundamental needs.


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