Flat Sharing...PROs and CONs

Flat Sharing...PROs and CONs

If you are alone, we are not considering the issue of when you are with a group of friends or people you already know, you are today in front of the following decision: do I take a small apartment for myself only, like a studio (monolocale) or i opt for a single room within a bigger apartment where I share the common spaces with others?

First of all there's something that needs to be stressed, before any discussion about the day to day life in a shared flat: the type of contract.

We, as real estate professionals, do only contracts where the different tenants are responsible for the whole amount to be paid monthly together, this means that if A does not pay but B and C are paying regularly, the landlord is authorized to ask for the money A owes him to B and C. 

Simple rule: never, ever, sign a contract where you take on the responsibility of paying somebody's else rent if you don't know already and get to know him very well. We will thus consider only the case of a slared flat where each single tenant has a separate contract, related to a specific room in the flat, with the authorization to use the shared spaces together.


- When you share an apartment , actually the first benefit is to pay less than for a similar size in a stand alone flat. (You split the bills, garbage taxes, internet connection,...)

- The price you pay for a single room is almost always less of what you pay for a similar sized independent studio flat, this discount could be easily up to 15-20%  

- Living with others is an excellent way to set up a friends base in a city you don't know

- eventual issues arising in the flat are easily solved as there people you can cooperate with, for example if the plumber needs to come to fix something, and you cannot be at home, you can ask a flatmate

- for people coming from aborad, not fluent speaking Italian, having fluent speakers available to translate things could be of major help


- Shared cleaning: this could be an issue, as not everybody has the same idea of what it means for something to be "clean". The ideal thing here is to have the company organizing the flatshare to take on this task or to pay something for a colf coming every week taking care of it 

- there's only one fridge, an intelligent way of sharing it up must be found. Cleanliness is an issue here too.

- noise: walls are thinnier between rooms than between different flats, if someone creates any trouble, must be immediately brught back to a normal behaviour not to mess up the flatsharing experience


In general we can say that, if you are in front of a decent rental contract, fencing you from other people bahaviour, and if you are sufficiently open minded, sharing a flat is ana experience worth doing.


Feel free to let us know what you think, writing us an email to: info@housingmilan.com

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